Adromischus schuldtianus


Adromischus schuldtianus subsp. schuldtianus
Cotyledon schuldtiana
Adromischus schuldtianus subsp. juttae


This plant is widespread in South Africa, as the other Adromischus.


Adromischus schuldtianus has two main subspecies: Adromischus schuldtianus var. schuldtianus, and Adromischus schuldtianus var. juttae, which is the one we have on our online shop. Adromischus schuldtianus var. juttae is a perennial plant with a branched, tuberous-based stem and fibrous roots. Leaves are rounded-shaped, sometimes obtuse- pointed, light green with purple red blurs that conglomerate on the apex. Inflorescence is a spike-like thyrse, with pale-green flowers, 1 to 1,3 centimeters long, with more or less triangolar lobes. The flowering period is in winter, as the other Adromischus.


Tips for cultivation of the genus Adromischus are valid also for A. schuldtianus. Its minimum survival temperature is 5ºC. In winter, it prefers a dry soil: water it once a month. In spring and summer it requires watering twice a month. It requires a well-drained soils, as its original environment are the semidesert areas of Karoo, and the poor, sandy soils of the rocky outcrop of the Cape province.


Leaf cutting is the best way to propagate it. In its natural environment, actually, new plants are generated from falling leaves of other plants, so this technique of propagation is really easy. The leaf should be put in soil, and you should wait until it dries up, which generally means that it has formed new roots.


The name ” Adromischus” comes from the ancient Greek adros (=thick) and mischos (=stem).

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