Adromischus roaneanus


Adromischus grasbergensis
Adromischus violaceus


This plant is common in the Cape Province between Brandkop, Vanrhynsdorp and Clanwilliam but also occasionally on the eastern slopes of the Cedarberge. It can be found usually only in sunny spots, but sometimes it grows also in the shade of other plants, on sandstone outcrops.


Adromischus roaneanus is composed of a rosette of greyish-green, triangular-conical fatty leaves, pointed purple-red on the apex. It has erect to prostate, slender stems, little-branched, often zig-zagging. Her flowering period is in November-December. Flowers are pale green, 1-2 centimeter long, grouped in an inflorescence which botanical name is “thyrse”. Its roots are fibrous.


Adromischus roaneanus grows on sandstone slopes: which means that it’s used to a dry environment. In spring and summer, the frequence of watering recommended is more or less twice a week, while in winter you have to keep the soil dry so she can survive low temperatures, so you can water it once a month. Her minimum survival temperature is 5ºC.


Leaf cutting is the best method to propagate it. Seed propagation is little used. It is a method based on this plant’s capacity to generate a new individual from a single leaf. You have to cut a leaf with a sharp knife and then put it in soil untile new roots form: which generally happens when the central leaf dries up.


The name ” Adromischus” comes from the ancient Greek adros (=thick) and mischos (=stem).

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