Adromischus mammillaris


No synonyms are used for this species.


Adromischus mammillaris can be found only in the eastern parts of the Little Karoo east of Calitzdorp, in Cape province. It grows on the lower, slippery slopes.


It’s a perennial plant, densely branched. Its stems are prostrate, more or less 15 centimeters long. When cultivated in pots, leaves develop from the central stem in a rosette, and they are light green, with dark red-purple spots near the top, sometimes conglomerating. They are linear-lanceolate but fatty at the same time. Flowers grow from a spike which develops in a 20-35 centimeters long stem, and they are greyish green. The flowering period of Adromischus mammillaris is in December. Its roots are fibrous.


This plant require temperature above a minimum of 5ºC. They grow well on a very well-drained soil, which has to be kept dry on the winter (water it once a month). In the summer and the spring, water it twice a month.


The best way to propagate it is the method of the leaf cutting, which consist in cutting a leaf and to leave it put new roots in the soil until it dries up (which generally means that it has formed new roots.


The name ” Adromischus” comes from the ancient Greek adros (=thick) and mischos (=stem).

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