Adromischus inamoenus


No synonims are used for this species name.


A. inamoenus is widespread form easter Cape province from the mountains around Grahamstown to near Willow more (South Africa).


It’s a perennials with little branched prostrate stems and fibrous roots. The leaves are obtuse or rounded and sometimes mucronated (with a little spike on the apex) and the have horny margins beyond the middle of the leaf. The flowers are grouped in a spike-like inflorescence and are 9 to 12 mm long, greyish green.


It can be cultivated in a small pot near a sunny window: species in the genus Adromischus prefer bright spots. In its natural habitat, it receive rain in the spring and in the summer, so it’s better to water it especially during this period (twice a month). In the winter it prefers a dry soil, so you can water it once a month. If the soil is maintained dry, this species can survive until the temperatures of 5° C.


As the other plants in the genus Adromischus, the preferred way of propagating it is the leaf cutting. It consist in cutting a leaf with a sharp knive, putting it in the soil and waiting for its rooting.


The name ” Adromischus” comes from the ancient Greek adros (=thick) and mischos (=stem).

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