Adromischus cristatus


Cotyledon cristata


It’s an endemic specie to the eastern cape of South Africa.


This species includes several plants from formerly-separated species, variable in their appearance. One of her common names is “Crinkle leaf plant” , because of her grey-green leaves which have corrugated margins which become reddish-purple in the sun. This plant has tufts of reddish-brown aerial roots covering its small branches (20-50 mm long). During the spring, the stems in which the flowers will develop sprout: the flowers are tubular, white with shades of red.


Like the other species in the genus of Adromischus, A. cristatus require a very bright spot to develop. Water it seldom during the winter, and every more or less 15 days in spring and summer. This plant needs a well-drained soil. The minimum temperature for her to survive is 5°C.


Like the other Adromischus, A. cristatus can be propagated through her leaves, after cutting one and leaving it to dry for 1-2 days, and then putting it in soil.


The name ” Adromischus” comes from the ancient Greek adros (=thick) and mischos (=stem).

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