Adromischus cooperi


Adromischus festivus
Adromiscus cuneatus
Adromischus halesowensis
Adromischus pachylophus
Cotyledon cooperi
Echeveria cooperi


Adromischus cooperi is from the arid, rocky areas near Capetown, in South Africa.


Adromischus cooperi is a little cespitose plant. “Cespitose” is a botanical term which describe the typical way of growing in small dense clumps or tufts of many species of plants. A.cooperi is composed of slightly short, irregular, branchy stems, densely covered of green lucid leaves with brown-red spot. It’s a tiny plant, reaching a maximum height of 10 centimeters. It blooms during the summer. It developes flowerings similars to ears, which can become 35 centimeters high. The flowers, which are tubular and 1-2 centimeters long, are red and green, with pink-white edges.


Adromischus cooperi requires a sandy bedrock, well drained, and a luminous spot. You should water it moderately during her growth period (spring-summer), but to mantain a her soil dry during the winter.
The temperature of cultivation of this plant should never be below 7° C.


Adromischus cooperi can be propagated by leaf cuttings. Actually, her leaves often fall and take roots spontaneously.


The name ” Adromischus” comes from the ancient Greek adros (=thick) and mischos (=stem).

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