Senecio Crassissimus


Senecio crassicaulis


Is a succulent native to Madagascar.


Senecio crassissimus is a succulent shrub with erect, thick, purple stems. The leafs are silver gray with purple margins facing outwards. It grows up to 24 inches (60cm) tall.
The leaves are rigid, flattened, obovate, waxy and up to 5 cm long.
The thick, puffy upright stems produce yellow daisy-like flowers on the tips from mid-summer to fall.


This senecio is extremely drought tolerant plant. It needs moderate water during the summer but don’t leave the soil wet.
The better exposition in summer is light shade but tolerate also hot sunny position.
It is good to keep over the 5°C best 10° – 12° C but can withstand light frost for short time.
It enjoy spending the summer outdoors but it’s better to move back indoors in the fall.
Senecio crassissimus needs sand soil and shallow rocky and a good drainage


Senecio crassissimus can grown from either seed or cuttings.
Using cuttings is easier and faster method of propagation. Cut during the growing season ( from early spring to fall) and root in sandy soil.


Senecio crassissimus commonly called Vertical Leaf Senecio or Lavender Steps or Propeller Plant.

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